Groupon Career Page

Redesign of the mobile touch/responsive site for Groupon's career page. Deliverables included final designs and specs. 

Approach: Groupon's career mobile touch site was becoming outdated with inconsistencies within Groupon's visual brand. I was tasked to do a overhaul of the design and guide the design to walk parallel with the visual look and feel of Groupon. 

Process: I began by wireframing and understanding the overall flow of the mobile site and simplified complicated steps. I also created visual hierarchies within each page to clearly identify which page you're on. I was in contact with a developer, a project manager on this project and received feedback, made revisions and shared specs.

Challenges: Making sure to simplify things and to highlight what is most important to a user who is looking for a new opportunity.

Download my 2015 case studies catalogue to learn more about my process throughout this project.