Design Union

The Design Union is the design team's title that was created to distinguish ourselves from the other teams that exist within Groupon. 

Approach: The Design Union's web and mobile experience was an important asset that allowed for potential design candidates to view our work, team, working environment, lifestyle, perks and even apply through this channel. Rather than applying through our main Groupon site, this unique and curated experience would allow users to deeply experience our team, not by few paragraphs and pictures that has become the usual case for other career/job pages out there. 

Process: When i saw the immediate need for these designs to materialize, i felt passionate about how this could really bring talented designers onboard. I reached out to the managers and the team about this opportunity and they were immediately onboard. I spent the next few weeks compiling all the assets needed to complete the experience and began sketching, wireframing and iterating. With multiple iterations and feedback from other designers, the website and mobile responsive site is finally in production.

Challenges: I took on this project because of how passionate i was about the product, but since it wasn't considered high-priority, i had to make sure soft deadlines were met, i had to be vigilant in reaching out to others for feedback and since i had other prioritized projects in my queue, i had to make sure all assigned projects got the love it deserved.