Breadcrumb Live

I was approached by the Breadcrumb team to help create a micro-site for Breadcrumb Live, a real-time performance and analytics monitoring app for business and restaurant owners. I took sole ownership for this project. 

Approach: With the mobile app approaching completion, I had the opportunity to create a new visual look for Breadcrumb Live. I researched competitors and how their products are promoted. I focused closely at their color palette, copy and the general flow of their websites.

Process: I began by creating sketches, wireframes and selected a color palette that stood out from its competitors. I wanted to make sure each section that we feature on the microsite would be intriguing and to the point while avoiding overwhelming amounts of copy since this can be distracting. I worked closely with the copy-writing team to curate copy that was short yet effective. The flow was designed to slowly dissect and peel away each function of the mobile app. 

Challenge: Making sure to highlight features that are most important and captivating to our user, especially to a business/restaurant owner.