Atlanta Mission

Atlanta Mission is a Georgia based non-profit organization that helps those who are facing homelessness by either temporary housing or a development program that allow individuals to obtain a career, transition into their own personal homes and transform their lives.

Approach: I've always had a heart for those who are homeless and have been wanting to help in such cause for a very long time. When i was tasked to take on this project, i was so thrilled and excited to not just realize that my designs were genuinely helping people, but i could also see it manifesting in front of me. Hearing stories, visiting the housing facilities and growing root into this project, i knew this wasn't just about creating a web experience, but that i would have to create with a sense of urgency and desperation. 

Process: I began to oversee the architecture and tried to simplify the navigating process within the experience. All information and forms were to be concise and to the point. Through sketches and wireframing i was able to lay out the foundation before putting the pieces together. I worked with a AD on this project. 

Challenges: The website would need to suit different groups of people, for those who are volunteering, donating and looking for housing. With such a diverse user group, i had to make sure the experience wasn't leaning to one direction or the other, but that each page had to be catered to those who are visiting for a specific purpose. 

Download my 2015 case studies catalogue to learn more about my process throughout this project.